5 Tips to Create a High Converting Video Ad in No Time That Will Get You SUPER FANS Without Breaking The Bank

1. Clear, Visual Hook

This should make the user stop what they are doing but still be connected to the purpose of the video. The hook will last up to three seconds in the beginning of the video. 

Examples of good hooks: 

- Want to double your purchases on Facebook Ads? This is how you do it.

- If you're an ecomm business founder,  it's your lucky day. I'm about to show you how to organically triple your engagement on Instagram posts for your personal or business account.

To check if your video is performing, create a custom metric in Facebook Ads Manager. Your 3-second video view to impression ratio should be anywhere above 30%.

3-second video play / impressions x 100

2. Worth Your Viewers Time

Your video should be a good use of the video watchers time if they become a buyer or not. You can ensure this with these three simple additions:

- Optimizing your ad placements. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a waste of time.

- Using captions.

- Good lighting.

3. Create a Solution

You want your viewer to relate and connect with your video. Put yourself in their shoes. Make them the hero of their own problem.

4. Make Your Differentiator Obvious

There are hundreds if not thousands of products that can solve your prospective customer’s problem. Make them feel something special when they see your product. 

5. Social Authentication

Reviews and testimonials create trust in your product and company so that new customers will purchase your product with a ‘no brainer’ attitude.

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