How To Prepare For A Product Launch With Email Marketing

You’ve worked really hard on a new product or collection for your business and you want it to perform just about as well as Kylie Jenner’s lip kits (aka sold out in minutes). You may not be able to create that much hype and scarcity around your products in the beginning, but with our product launch email strategy, you’ll be there before you know it!

What you’re going to do is design and send three separate emails to your customer email list on a platform of your choosing. We personally love Klaviyo for it’s drag-and-drop builder capabilities, but there are many platforms and plans to choose from. 

Email 1: [Product] coming soon! 

Send this email 2-3 days before your product launch. This email will educate your customers about what the product is, it’s differentiators, value propositions, and just exactly why your customer NEEDS this new product.

Email 2: [Product] is here!

Launch day! This email can be short and to the point. Use phrases and words like:

- long awaited

- much anticipated 

- necessity

- Groundbreaking

Email 3: [Product] is almost gone!

Send this email out 2-3 days after the launch to remind your customers of the product and create a level of scarcity.

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