9 Free Websites To Accelerate Your Marketing Career

There is absolutely no reason you can’t get ahead of your marketing colleagues with the - literal - countless tools that exist on the internet! Here are a few marketing professionals' favorite tools that you can implement today because they are FREE!

1. DemandCurve.com 

An online community built by marketers, for marketers. This community curates the best content around marketing and growth from around the web and delivers it directly to you in one place.

Offers both design inspiration and tactical guides for how to speed up the process of learning a massive variety of marketing best practices to add to your tool belt. Building a landing page or website? Email? Want to efficiently sell based on psychology? It’s all here!

2. Acquistion.com

Free courses for a handful of topics taught by Alex Hormozi, a growing entrepreneur.

In this, he shares his top lessons for creating a successful business. Here are a few:

1. Create an irresistible offer

2. Pick a winning market

3. Determine price

4. Craft bonuses, guarantees & more

3. MarketingExamples.com

Discover a gallery of real-world marketing examples from successful companies accompanied by a detailed breakdown. You’ll find tips to improve your cold email, SEO, boost referrals, and more.

If you want to learn how to market your business better than your competitors, there’s no better way than by studying what other people are doing. 

4. Ladder.io

Get inspired by proven growth strategies and tactics from the best marketers in the world. Find Growth Audit Guides, Scientific FB Guide, Product launches, Funnel optimization and more

The most important thing to remember about growth is that it's not just about hitting your goals — it's about learning from them.

Growth audits are a detailed look at your company's business and marketing metrics so you can make changes to improve them. A growth audit is a deep dive into your business to find areas of improvement that will help you grow faster.

5. Baymard.com

Baymard.com provides UX research to help you uncover what designs cause usability issues and how to create top-notch user experiences. Find free UX articles, insights of large-scale research and a library of web design resources.

Access the extensive library of free e-commerce UX research and articles on user behavior, shopping cart abandonment, search, navigation and more.

Use free product checklists to ensure that your store is meeting the needs of your customers.

Learn from in-depth case studies on the most popular e-commerce websites and how they use UX best practices to drive sales.

6. Growth.Design

Our brains are wired to make quick decisions, but our biases can lead us astray. By understanding how our brains work and how our minds can be tricked, we can improve the user experience for our customers.

Growth.Design provides product tips and case studies to help you build better experiences for your customers.

Explore some of the most common cognitive biases that affect your UX (and how to overcome them).

7. Swiped.co

Whether you're an agency or a freelance marketer, Swiped.co helps you find inspiration and learn from successful campaigns to create your own effective campaigns and top performing marketing promotions.

They’re here to help each other succeed, regardless of agency size or budget.

Every person working in marketing should have access to the best ideas — whether they are big brands or small businesses.

8. ReallyGoodEmails.com

The best email design and resource gallery on the web. Find 9,000+ email designs and copy from the world’s top companies and more than 10 categories to choose from (welcome, behavioral, promotional, etc.).

The site is free to use for anyone who wants to design their own emails. It’s also a great way to learn how to create better emails by seeing what works.

9. Facebook Ad Library

This is the first time that Facebook has provided us with such an expansive view of its advertising business. This means we can finally see how many ads are being served on Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis, which countries they're coming from and what kind of creative they're using.

The Ad Library also allows us to analyze what our competitors are doing with their ads and see what brands we admire are doing with theirs.

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