3 Performance Max Features You Need To Optimize Your Ads Account

3 Performance Max Features You Need To Optimize Your Ads Account

Performance Max may not single-handedly increase your return on marketing efforts, but it sure is trying! These are a few features that are rolling out November 2022 that you need to try out. 

Performance Planner

It's not uncommon for you to be working on a campaign, only to realize that your target audience is totally different from what you thought it was. Or maybe you want to spend more money on this campaign, but you don't know if it'll make a difference.

That's why we're rolling out forecasting and simulation features in our analytics platform! Now, you can create a plan to see forecasts of how your campaign may perform based on different factors like budget and targets. And if the forecast looks good enough, simulate the impact of changes to those factors, so you can see what happens before making the change.

We've also included seasonality (e.g., holiday lifts) into these forecasts so that they're as accurate as possible. This means: no more failed campaigns because you didn't take into account the fact that everyone wants to buy things when it's cold outside—or whatever else might be affecting your customers' purchasing behavior right now!

Schedule Asset Groups With Automated Rules

If you're looking for ways to make your life easier, this is it.

Now you can schedule asset groups with automated rules and pre-scheduling capabilities. You can also pause assets so they're ready to go when your sale or event starts. And while they are paused, they'll go through a review process so they'll be just as good as if they'd been reviewed in real time!

They’ve made it so much easier for you to get ahead (especially on Black Friday/Cyber Monday!)

Adding First Party Data As Audiences

When you add your first-party data segments as audience signals, you’ll soon see them in audience insights on the Insights page.

First-party data is any information that you collect directly from your users, such as their email address or purchase history. You can use this information to create segments based on things like demographics and interests. Once created, these segments can be used as audience signals when creating audiences for ads.

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