4 Tips For Creating Killer Facebook Creative

4 Tips For Creating Killer Facebook Creative

With 1.5 billion users, Facebook is a marketer's dream come true! But, it can also be a nightmare if your creative isn't up to par. Use these 4 tips to help you create killer Facebook ad creative that will engage and convert your audience.


1. Use Native Content

Native advertising is an innovative, non-intrusive way to advertise your product or service by creating ads that match the style and format of organic social content on Facebook.

For example, picture yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed during your lunch break. You start to lose interest as you scroll through the usual memes, friend updates, and the overwhelming bombardment of ads that scream "last chance to buy", "sale starts now” or “exclusive deal for you”. Then, something catches your eye and makes you smile! You come across a post from a hat brand featuring a cute dog wearing a fancy fedora hat. Everything about it resembles a normal Facebook post - there are no clickbaity CTA’s or pushy sales copy. Just an adorable image that pulls at your heartstrings! You may not realize it but you have just been exposed to that company's brand awareness campaign! 

The bottom line is - native ads are simple but powerful. Since they don’t look like a traditional ad, they captivate the user's attention much easier and can be a powerful tool for driving website traffic, building brand awareness, and creating trust.  


2. Think Mobile First

If you’re not making sure your creative works on mobile, you are losing out on a huge chunk of potential viewers! As you're creating content for Facebook, it's important to keep in mind that mobile users make up the majority of Facebook's audience. 

In order to optimize ads for mobile devices, make sure to create both vertical and horizontal versions so that your ads are displayed correctly across all placements.

3. Get The Hook Right

As a rule of thumb, you want to catch the user's attention in 3 seconds or less.

When users land on your Facebook ad creative, they're going to have a split second to decide whether they should engage with it. If there's no hook that immediately captures their attention and makes them want to keep reading, they'll quickly move on. This means that you need an engaging idea right up front—one that instantly hooks the viewer's interest and draws them into your creative without asking anything of them.

For example, imagine that you’re the owner of a beauty brand and you have a new Facial Moisturizer launch approaching. In the past, you've relied on traditional creative that solely focuses on the ingredient list and skin benefits, but you worry that your ads could be getting lost amongst the competition.

A curiosity hook such as “ Every Hydration Lover NEEDS This Moisturizer” could be used in this example to grab the users attention and entice the target audience for their brand.

4. Test, Test, And Test Some More!

Social media is a constantly moving target, so if you’re looking to create powerful Facebook creative, testing should be at the forefront of your strategy. You should be regularly testing your creativity to see what resonates most with your intended audience.

If you're using video content, would adding it into a carousel with still images entice more people to click? Will long-form copy help tell the story of your image ad? What about placement - will users respond better if they see your ad on their News Feed For Instagram Stories? Testing is the only way to truly decipher which type of content performs well with your audience.



Facebook ad creation can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be stressful. With the right tools, assets, and testing, you can get more out of your ads and make them work harder for you—without spending too much time on them.  So, if you're stuck in a creative rut, get in touch with our team of expert Facebook strategists today!

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