9 Must-Have Email Flows to Maximize Profitability for your eComm Brand

September 13, 2022

1. Welcome Email Flow

Goal: This is a flow that gets triggered every time someone subscribes to your list. Here we want to turn subscribers into new purchasers.

Email 1: Give Bait (Free Shipping Code, 20% OFF, Free item, etc.)

Email 2: Introduce the brand + Socials

Email 3: Promote Best Sellers

Email 4: Value + Remind them about the code

Email 5: Code + Urgency

In this step you are trying to convert your subscribers into customers.

2. Abandoned Cart Email Flow

Goal: In this email flow, we are recovering lost sales (someone adds to their cart but leaves the website, then we start sending these emails)

Email 1: Remind about the item left in the cart (direct to the point)

Email 2: Address objections, show social proof and warranties

Email 3: Code

Email 4: Code reminder + Urgency

3. Post Purchase Email Flow

Goal: With this email flow we want to thank new customers for their purchases, turn them into multiple-time buyers and ask for feedback.

Email 1: Thank you (Message from the Founder)

Email 2: Give value related to the items purchased (recommendations, how to use the product, how to wash it, why it works, when to use it, the goal of using it, etc)

Email 3: Promote up-sell or cross-sell

Email 4: Code + urgency related to the upsells or cross-sell

Email 5: Ask for a review or UGC content

4. Browse Abandonment Email Flow

Goal: Here we are sending emails to window shoppers that left the website without buying.

Email 1: Reminder

Email 2: Reminder + Show social proof and warranties.

Email 3: Reminder + Code

Email 4: Code + urgency related to the upsells or cross-sells

Email 5: Code reminder + Urgency

5. Win-back Email Flow

Goal: After 60-90 days of a client purchasing from the website, we send this automation to win them back as customers/clients

Email 1: Brand's unique value proposition, social proof, thank the reader for being part of the brand, code (text-based no design)

Email 2: We miss you + Promote best sellers + Social proof

Email 3: Code

Email 4: Code + Urgency

6. VIP Email Flow

Goal: We send these emails to the highest value and loyal customers. We want them to feel appreciated and give them special treats.

Email 1: Thank you email from the founder + code

Email 2: Give value + code


Email 3: Give value + code


Email 4: Code + urgency

7. 1st Purchase Anniversary Email Flow

Goal: After 365 days of the first purchase

Email 1: Give reward

8. Cross-sell or Up-sell Email Flow

Goal: 3 Emails per hot product. For all customers based on related

products, commonly purchased-together products, or similar products.

Email 1: Introduce the product to upsell cross-sell

Email 2: Hard sell the product

Email 3: Give an incentive

9. Because You Opened Email Flow

Goal: Every time someone opens five emails in a row reward them with X% OFF

Email 1: Announce reward

Email 2: Remind about the reward and add urgency

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