How To Optimize A Performance Max Campaign

Creating a performance max campaign is a great option, especially if you want to focus on goals. If you’re a performance advertiser, you can easily access all your Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. In case you’re looking for an efficient, fast ad scheduling and management solution, this is a great option. But it can be even better if you know how to optimize it. Here are some ideas to consider!

Perform Seasonal Bid Adjustments

Doing this is a great idea, because you can override smart bidding manually. It helps immensely because manual overrides are always better when compared to automation. You can also check the audience signals to see how everything evolves and what people are interested in. These signals are used by Google as a great point to optimize a performance max campaign according to your goals.

Identify and Adjust Your Goals

You want to identify your goals for every performance max campaign and then also see if the campaign warrants ad extensions. Every step requires different goals, so you will need to constantly assess and change your goals. That will help enhance performance max campaign results in the long run.

Experiment Thanks to Google’s Machine Learning

What’s interesting about performance max campaigns is that these help you use all kinds of ad extensions and assets. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use all available assets (images, videos, descriptions etc). Thanks to machine learning algorithms, Google can easily create ads using your assets. That will help deliver better results than expected. Plus, you will have performance ranking too based on which assets you chose to use.

Ad Scheduling

It’s always a good idea to experiment with ad times to discover when they are the most efficient. Ad scheduling is a great optimization tool because you can easily focus your budget specifically on those times once you’ve figured out a specific pattern.

Get Even More Screen Real Estate With Ad Extensions

As we mentioned earlier, ad extensions will make your ads even better since you can add additional links and buttons. It’s a great way to reconnect with customers and provide them with lots of unique features. 

For example, site link extensions enable additional links from your website to be displayed below your ad. These sitelinks can lead to any page on your website, such as blogs, products, or informational pages which in turn, can help to increase the click-through rate (CTR).

Optimize Your Bidding Strategy

Google provides the option to maximize conversion value, or you can just focus on getting more conversions. In case you choose the latter, you will have to enter the desired CPA and then Google runs the ad for you. When you want to focus more on the conversion value, then you will have to deliver the desired return on ad spend.

These strategies and tips are very useful if you want to optimize your performance max campaign. While it’s a newer feature from Google, these performance max campaigns are very efficient and with their help, you can actively improve your promotional results. These tips and tricks listed above are going to help you make the most out of your process, while still obtaining an astonishing ROI.

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