4 Ad Creative Concepts That You Should Test This Week

1. Before & After

Use an image or video visually showing what a customer used to look like before and after using the product. If you can’t show this, you can compare your product to a competitor's product explaining value props.

When you can, use days instead of before and after. Putting a timeline of results of the product or service has worked better in our experience.

i.e. Day 1 vs Results Day 30.

2. Tutorial or Documentary Style Video

You can use a user-generated content style video, voice-over with a compilation of tutorial videos, or a founder-forward video explaining how to use your product.

3. Use Social Authentication

If you’re featured in any publication, take a screenshot. If someone leaves you a stellar review, use the screenshot or quote in an ad. People love to see social authentication. It forms trust and creates lifelong customers.

4. Green Screen Recording

Call out and talk about an interesting fact that your customers want to know about! Rid their mind of a preconceived idea about your product or brand that’s totally false. Or, show them exactly why their preconceived idea is correct! 

Introduce the idea that your product is a solution to their problem.

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