7 Retention Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today

1. (Part 1) Have The Right Retention Stack


In order to build a profitable retention marketing system, you should focus on:

-Calculating and understanding your LTV metric as fast as possible.

-Reducing your Lifetime Value (LTV) to Cost per Acquisition (CAC) ratio.

-Building super fans for your products and brand that buy and buy again... and again. 

-Leveraging customer acquisition costs to acquire data and create a lifetime customer.

1. (Part 2) Have The Right Retention Stack

In order to achieve these key objectives listed above, you need to have the right tech stack working for you when you’re asleep.

Klaviyo - Email

Okendo - Reviews

Postscript/Recart - SMS 

Just Uno - Lead Capture

Recharge - Subscriptions 

Octane - Zero Party Data

Tapcart - Push notifications

Gorgias - Customer Service

Rebuy - Dynamic repurchases 

Loyalty Lion - Loyalty program

Aftership - Shipping Notifications

2. Zero Party Data

This is the equivalent of oil in the digital world. 

The best places to collect this information would be via interactive funnels including quizzes, surveys, calculators, and pop up forms.

A great tool to use would be Octane.

3. Community Building

Create closed communities using these two methods:

  1. Top of funnel - create a group of other like-minded people or existing customers using social media, for instance.

  1. Bottom of funnel, as a post-purchase strategy for product lovers to share and  learn other customer tips and tricks.

This is an amazing way to create SUPER FANS!

4. Repurchase Rate

Understanding these numbers:

  • Repurchase rate
  • Customer returning rate 
  • Days between purchases

Will allow you to:

  • Strategize intentional post-purchase strategies and cohorts
  • Use these new ideas to test and analyze

5. Create a Feedback Loop System

Collect information through surveys in the post-purchase phase so you can deeply understand your customer’s needs and create iterations that encompass these aspects. 

i.e. . Use Typeform + Klaviyo to collect, analyze, and optimize data.

6. Focus on Reducing CAC

There are so many unique ways to acquire a customer.

What if you gave away a complementary product as a referral incentive to acquire a new customer? Can create a dedicated rewards page to let customers pick the product they want.


Created an engaged community on social media that convinced new buyers by using social proof? 

7. Reward Loyal Customers But Quit Making Them Jump Through Hoops

Reduce friction and make it easy for customers to become super fans, especially when incorporating things such as loyalty programs. 

A lot of loyalty programs don't convert because the process is too complicated or the reward is not great enough. Reduce this friction and ACTUALLY reward super fans you are thankful for.

If you're looking to ramp up your retention rate and create some serious super fans, reach out to our team to set up an audit!

Need more? Shoot us an email -> admin@maius.com

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