Facebook Ads

Shimmer is a virtual community helping members learn to combat stress and anxiety. The online support groups provide a safe space for peers to share personal struggles and stay accountable to tackle their goals. 

MAIUS, in partnership with Pivot CMO, started from the ground up to increase Shimmer’s brand awareness and bring in marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) utilizing Facebook ads. 

The Objective 

While tele-health therapy providers are abundant, Shimmer aimed to differentiate its service as a more affordable program focused on reducing stress and anxiety rather than specific mental health diagnoses. They were looking for strategic expertise to convey their message and grow their user base. 

The Strategy

We began at the top of the funnel testing single interest ad sets with multiple copy and creative versions to determine which audiences and ad variations would convert. Once there was enough data of what worked and didn’t work, we were able to consolidate these findings, begin scaling our top performers, and continue testing. Alongside demographic interests, we geo-targeted age-based audiences with broad demographic targeting. 

At the middle of the funnel, we increased our audience size by boosting posts. In less than a two week period, our best performing boosted post increased from 43 likes to 8,520. 

The Result

In a 10 week period, we helped Shimmer Care gain 63 MQL’s at a cost of $82 per lead. 

Ready to take off?