Midori Bikinis

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Over the last 10 years, Midori has become a household name for bikini lovers along Southern California and the Hawaiian islands. They are an e-commerce store that stands out by priding themselves on butter-soft materials you can wear all day. Offering size XS-XXL, they have a heavy focus on inclusivity and not being another swimsuit brand that only accommodates model sizing. A key component to the brand is matching their staple bikini cuts with ever-changing, unique tropical patterns. 

The Objective

A once algorithm-less Instagram turned social media monster created stagnation in the exponential organic growth they once saw. They wanted to find this momentum again.

The Strategy

First, we took a long hard look at the ideal customer and created a persona with an open-mind. Knowing the swim industry is very saturated, the customer persona could and would constantly be changing to meet their true customer needs, and we took an unbiased approach to it. Majority of the customers spoke to the comfortability, inclusivity, and how they literally wanted to wear their Midori bikini all the time. We used this information to build out messaging and custom-tailored creatives to attract our target audience. Our main objective in our messaging was to be bold and out-of-the-box. 

The Results

Within 30 days of running advertising on Facebook & Instagram, we generated an overall 2.74x return on ad spend.

Ready to take off?