Facebook & Google Ads

Daydreamer is a fashion brand based out of Los Angeles that creates unique renditions of band tees based on the designs of iconic music artists logos and merch. 

MAIUS, in partnership with Pivot CMO, grew the presence of Daydreamer using each step of the e-commerce funnel on Facebook and Google ads.

The Objective

In the extremely competitive market of women’s fashion, Daydreamer saw the chance and wanted to extend their well-loved and authentic brand from wholesale and retail into the e-commerce world. Daydreamer doesn’t just make any old band tee. Daydreamer has an unforgettable brand image and message that we needed to bring to life through its online presence.

The Strategy 

We began our strategy by testing demographic characteristics, lookalike audiences, creatives and copy versions at the top of the funnel to bring in website traffic. This brought in meaningful data, such as age range, interests, geographic factors, and many others, that we used as we entered testing in the middle and bottom of the funnel. Utilizing the popularity of Daydreamer’s beloved Instagram account, we were able to re-engage users of intent in the middle of the funnel. Historical data from website visitors, added to carts, purchasers, and others, helpfully shaped our retargeting efforts, which are especially important in the women’s fashion industry. 

The Result

Within 3 weeks, we were able to increase our client’s ROAS to 3.45x with a cost per purchase of $28.46.

Ready to take off?