Facebook & Google Ads

YachtLife is the first mobile app in the world that lets you quickly and easily charter a yacht with just a few taps on your mobile device. We’ve teamed up with the best yacht brokers to provide you with a hand-picked fleet of the highest quality yachts.

MAIUS used Google and Facebook ads to grow YachtLife into one of the largest yacht charter companies in the world.

The Objective

The yacht charter industry is old, clunky, and outdated, especially when it comes to convenience and technology. YachtLife brought the yacht charter industry to the modern age by creating an app and website for easier charter bookings, and eventually yacht sales.  The YachtLife app is like Uber for renting yachts. To grow, YachtLife was relying heavily on yacht broker networks and a small amount of paid advertising. They had a great growth strategy in place, but they were looking for opportunities to really scale their long-term growth and increase lead efficiency. At the time, they weren't clear on their North Star metric and what was needed to optimize it. 

The Strategy

We started with audits of both YachtLife's app and web funnels. After determining the North Star metric, we put together a road map of how we would track, optimize, and execute our growth strategy. YachtLife started with a solid paid strategy, a decent social following, and an SEO strategy that was in its infancy so we had plenty of past data. Our first move was making sure that everything was tracking properly. We then implemented location-specific landing pages and a hyper-targeted paid advertising strategy. Our focus was to drive down the cost per lead by making the top-of-funnel conversion costs cheaper.

Running parallel to our paid ads strategy, we implemented a location-specific SEO strategy, tested various UI/UX improvements, and put a sharp focus on growing the social media accounts. 

The Result

Within the first month, cost per lead was down 46%. Our strategies grew app installs by 1,947% and revenue by 272% by the end of year 1. We are now scaling campaigns, improving the UI, and building out a yacht sales program for YachtLife.

In the first year, we increased growth by 1,134% by generating 51.3k accounts created, a $31.57 cost per lead, and a 19.7x ROAS.

Ready to take off?