TikTok Ads

GoSite is an all-in-one platform that helps business owners supercharge their business. They set out to make it easier for customers to find businesses, book services, and pay seamlessly. GoSite helps businesses of many sizes switch gears to e-commerce with no technical experience. 

MAIUS, in partnership with Pivot CMO, utilized TikTok ads to grow GoSite’s user base and engagement. 

The Objective

TikTok, used as an advertising platform, is an incredibly untapped market. GoSite was willing to expand into and test its early capabilities. Their current growth strategy was well-manned and moving in the right direction, but they were looking to expand their advertising to an unsaturated digital market.

The Strategy 

TikTok provided a relatively inexpensive route of advertising. Month after month, we routinely generated a CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions) of under $10, which is rare on most mature platforms. By using precise demographic-based targeting and a modern creative strategy, we uncovered an opportunity to quickly grow followers and a consistent volume of leads.

The Result

Within 1 month of engagement-objective campaigns, we generated 8,220 followers. Running parallel strategies consistently produced a high volume of leads. By the end of 4 months, we generated 590 leads for a cost per lead of $49.21.

Ready to take off?