Facebook Ads

Arketa is a scrappy startup looking to disrupt the fitness industry.  They felt their SaaS platform was/is the best on the market for instructors and studios looking to take their business to the next level but weren’t booking demos at an efficient enough cost to justify growth. 

The Objective

Arketa came to us to better understand what their cost per demo booked needed to be in order to scale. We strategized and executed a plan to achieve that number.

The Strategy

We began our strategy by testing separate buckets of demographic characteristics, lookalike audiences, creatives, and copy versions at the top of the funnel to bring in engagement and website traffic based on four separate personas. This brought in meaningful data, such as age range, interests, geographic factors, and many others, that we used as we entered testing in the middle and bottom of the funnel. Understanding the end-user and testing messaging around the benefits of arketa for those end-users, we were able to re-engage and educate users of intent in the middle of the funnel. Historical data from intent-driven interactions on the website allowed us to retarget and capture remaining leads at the bottom of the funnel.

The Result

Within the first two months, we were able to bring arketa’s cost per demo from $70.92 down to $52.25. To bring the cost per customer down and increase onboarding efficiency, arketa wanted to test a free version of their platform. After a few months of testing, it was determined that free customers were not turning into paid customers as efficiently as those who booked a demo. This testing period required us to shift our Facebook ads strategy, but once the free version testing period was over, we were able to get back to our original strategy and further decrease the cost per demo down to $15. We are even bringing in emails at $5.00 and under.

MAIUS lowered the cost per demo bookings and increased the volume of incoming demos by using customized funnels in Facebook ads for arketa’s different customer personas.

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