Fresh Prints

Google Ads

Fresh Prints is a custom design apparel company primarily targeting sororities and fraternities.

MAIUS worked with Fresh Prints in partnership with Pivot CMO.

The Objective

They were looking to expand their services to provide corporate gifting while simultaneously scaling the collegiate apparel line. This B2B venture was unfamiliar territory to them, and was where our strategic relationship with Fresh Prints truly took flight.

The Strategy

In the beginning we were testing many different groups of keywords in order to find the highest converting for the lowest cost. Once we decided that our main trackable KPI would be form submissions, we verified conversion tracking was properly implemented. We then began gaining meaningful data on their customers and potential customers they never had access to before. Through trial and error of testing a multitude of keywords, we pinpointed a handful of keywords with one common denominator that lead us to the highest converting MQLs at the lowest cost. We continued to rework our strategy using manual and machine learning to find the most intent driven keywords that were converting the best. 

The Results

Generated over 2,000 MQLs in Q1 of 2022 at well below the clients target cost per MQL. Recently we have had to slow our ad efforts as the client’s sales team became overwhelmed with orders. Because of our efforts, the client’s monthly advertising budget on Google has scaled over 15x.

Ready to take off?